Programs + Courses

For the life-long learners

Dive deep in a variety of topics. Whether you're building a business or a family -- or both! -- we've got a course that will help.

Strategy Mentor Group


  • Build your personal brand in a real-to-you, sincere way that actually feels good.
  • Be among friends. The STRATEGY cohort gets it. We'll learn from each other.
  • Grow your audience. Know your audience and sell them what they want.
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Marriage Academy

find redemption after betrayal

We'll talk about the big-ticket stuff, of course.  But also the nuanced and subtle parts of recovery, trust building and marital restoration that are often overlooked!

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Birthing Class

Want More Peace and Less Pain During Your Birth?

  • Learn the simple 5 step framework that turns birth fears into peace.
  • Discover what's possible during your birth, so you can get your hopes up and have fun!
  • Confidently walk into your labor with a strong and peaceful mind,  ready for the twists and turns of bringing your baby into the world.
  • Experience less physical and emotional pain!
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Pain Free Birth

Birth the way god designed it

Learn how to connect to your God-given intuition for a pain free birth with the ONLY program that teaches you how to eliminate (or greatly reduce) pain, and tap into ecstatic joy with the RELAXATION–OXYTOCIN–BLISS Cycle!

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Youtube Success Academy

Everything you need to have success with video and Youtube!

An inside look into social media strategy for posting video to Youtube, IG reels, Facebook and Pinterest. There is an entire module devoted to learning Youtube best practices and how to grow subscribers!

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Create Your Blog Dream

Create your profitable blog from scratch, and live out your dream, whatever that may be.

With a vast audience of people at arm's reach with the internet, all it takes is knowing how to create and promote the right content to reach your goals. There never has been a greater time to grow a business on the side than right now. Let Andrea walk you through it step by step.

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Blog Dream & Youtube Success Bundle

Both signature courses in one!

In this Ultimate Bundle, you will learn absolutely everything you need to be successful online. This package includes my signature course, Create Your Blog Dream, and my newest course, Youtube Success Academy.

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