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The essential oils that transformed my peace journey 

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Essential oils completely changed my life…

(and probably not for the reasons you think)

When I found out my husband was having an affair, it was a quadruple whammy: I was in the throes of postpartum, pregnant with baby #3, experiencing depression and struggling with past addictions. A low point is an understatement. I needed something safe, natural and non-addictive to help me cope physically and emotionally. I just didn’t know what.

When a friend recommended Young Living’s Peace and Calming essential oil, I felt like I had nothing to lose. When I used it before bed, I actually slept. When I used it during the day, I could better regulate my emotions, manage triggers and get more out of counseling. Honestly, I was shocked at the outcome. It felt empowering to find something so effective — and all with zero addiction risk.

I started wondering if other oils could have the same benefits, so I bought a bundle and a diffuser. My eyes were opened to the world of aromatherapy and its immense power to restore calm and well-being in our bodies. Ten years later, I can’t imagine life without my Young Living products. Whether I get hit with bad news, my son has a tantrum at Target or I just need a minute to wind down, essential oils have become a lifeline.

The (surprising) benefits of essential oils

Nerd out with me for a moment, if you will 

Aromatherapy is a form of THERAPY.

  • Smell triggers memories that transport us to happy moments

  • This helps the brain build new neural pathways that promote healing 

  • Aromatherapy acts as a powerful companion to counseling

Feel the effects 
in minutes.

  • It hits your frontal lobe within seconds

  • It enters the bloodstream in two minutes

  • It hits every cell in 26 minutes, promoting healthy cell regeneration

Shorten the time you 
spend in fight or flight. 

  • Calm tantrums, adrenaline spikes and fight-or-flight responses

  • Release tension and emotional buildup from the body 
Get the Premium Starter Kit at a 24% discount
Become a Young Living Affiliate

premium starter kit:

Diffuser and 12 oils

The best bang for your buck (honestly an amazing deal) 

All 12 oils have calming properties to help you unwind, stabilize your emotions and sleep better

Choose from the Aria (LB’s “Bong of Wellness”) or Dew Drop diffuser

Mama pro tip: If you have small children or hyper pets, go with the plastic Dew Drop diffuser 

(trust me on this) 


Premium Starter Kit with Aria Diffuser


Premium Starter Kit with Dew Drop Diffuser

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Immediate benefits of becoming a customer:

One last thing…

A toxin-free cleaner that will change your life

If you can spring for it, add the Thieves® household cleaner for $25 — it’s literally 30 bottles of cleaner in one. You will NOT regret it. (If I could have only two Young Living products, it’s the starter kit and this!)


 Buy the discounted 
Premium Starter Kit

12 oils and a diffuser: it’s all you need to begin.

Put 10 drops
 in the diffuser 

Drop them in and turn it on: it’s that simple.

Experience the 
transformational benefits

Feel calmer in as little as two minutes. 

Getting started with essential oils is easier than you think

All you need is a bundle of essential oils and a diffuser. That’s it! 

Become a Young Living Affiliate
Get the Premium Starter Kit at a 24% discount

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