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Growing your audience, together 

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You Create.

To Buy

Build Your Personal Brand 

In a real-to-you, sincere way that actually feels good. 

Be Among Friends 

The STRATEGY cohort gets it. We’ll learn from each other.

Grow Your audience 

Know your audience and sell them what they want.

Don’t Let the Algorithm Stand In Your Way

When you’re selling online, you feel like a slave to the ever-changing rules of social media. 

is for you

  • I just need someone to tell me what to do
  • I don’t have time for endless trial and error 
  • My business coach doesn’t know the answers 
  • I want someone to tell me what current strategies are working


if you’ve said…

The answer

You Simply Need To Build Up Your Audience

Most social media experts tell you to build your audience and SELL SELL SELL. But to most of us, that feels gross. 

So I didn’t do it. 

Instead, I add value by sharing things that I know will help my audience. 

I know what will help them by reading their comments, responding to their DMs and sharing what they’re asking for and interested in. 

Ground-breaking, right? 

I gave, gave, gave. 

And that built a relationship. Me and my audience – we trust each other. 

So now when I launch a newsletter or have an idea to sell sourdough from my kitchen, they’re ready and excited to buy! 

I’m going to teach you step-by-step how I do it. 

Let s learn together 

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enrollment opens May 1

Doors close June 30th 11:59pm


See what we have planned in the next few months… 


Personal Branding

May 2
Live Strategy Call


Growing Your Audience


Instagram Strategy

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Clarifying Your Offer


Holiday Promotions Prep


When to Pivot


 Your Audience


How to Expand 
Your Business

what s happening


  • podcast drop -- exclusive business podcast ‘bottom of the iceberg’ for STRATEGY members dropped each Monday.


  • Kick Off classes each Wednesday in May @1pm CST; uploaded to Patreon
  • one class per month for the remaining months of the year; uploaded to Patreon on the first Wednesday @1pm CST


  • every Thursday at 11AM CST -- LIVE coaching calls exclusively for STRATEGY members; link will be in STRATEGY group on Patreon; will be available for replay


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LIVE group weekly 90-min strategy sessions (Thursdays 11am CST - holiday weeks will have exceptions) 

Weekly exclusive business podcast from LB (unavailable to the public)

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Access to every replay all year long 

pay in advance for 16% off + free workbook


LIVE group weekly 90-min strategy sessions (Thursdays 11am CST - holiday weeks will have exceptions) 

Weekly exclusive business podcast from LB (unavailable to the public)

Commenting /community within the app (it's Patreon, no social media, for those who delete social on weekends)

Never miss a post from LB - email notifications in real-time.

Access to every replay all year long 

Printed/mailed workbook planner (available only to those who select the annual membership. Those things are heavy to mail!) ($59 value)

* Enrollment closes June 30 at midnight. If you choose the Monthly option and like it here, we invite you to upgrade to the annual membership by June 30 for better value over the course of the year.

We’re ready for you!

 Doors close to join June 30 at midnight!  


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Thursday's at 11am CT! 

Weekly Coaching calls with LB 

I Have a Bone To Pick With Other Courses 

I think it’s wrong that you have invested in gurus that sold hollow promises. And that frustration has been the inspiration for how I’ve designed STRATEGY.


I want you to “learn to fish” – to learn the lasting strategies you can use for months and years to come. In this business and beyond.  

We’re in this together. 

You know me – I’m building my own business in real-time. I’ll share week-by-week what I’m trying, what I’m seeing and how I think you can apply it to your unique business. Bring questions and get mentorship from someone who’s working on it too, not dictating from my past success. 

This is about you, not me. 

The beauty of a personal brand lies in its individuality! No one else has your personality, and certainly no one else has your brand. 

I’ll show you step-by-step how to uncover and showcase your unique beauty that will resonate with your unique audience!

I’ll tell you everything I know. 

Every social media expert tells us to create valuable content, but is vague on what that means and what that looks like. 

I’ll share my exact rubric for creating and testing content for my audience. Then, you’ll have the recipe to build value for your unique business and audience.




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 Is Different


Yes! I'll give you a hint.... you already know how to do it! Building an audience, means building up your audience. "How can I build someone up today?" 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

$400 for the YEAR. Yes, I'm undercharging as this is my founder rate! Rates will go up mid-summer if people love it. I want this offer to be so reasonable you'll make back your investment in no time. 

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Cohort Today

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Take a deep breath. 

Everything you need to grow your business this year will fit in your purse.

Why LB?

I won’t teach you how to get rich quick. I’ll teach you how to get rich over time. 

You don’t have to have 6-7 figure followers to have a 6-7 figure income.

I am sharing my custom playbook for building my personal brand, growing my audience, and enjoying social media with lots of sales and clients.

Many of my competitors have positioned themselves as an expert, but are out of touch with current marketing trends and share philosophies in marketing that worked in a previous season that wouldn't work today. 

They promise fast results that are not always long-lasting and sustainable. It's more of a quick-fix program rather than a long-term handholding commitment to see their client succeed. 

I know that when you build an audience by building them up for a long period of time, you build trust so strong that your audience will be ready to buy whatever you create for them. 

In 2021 I doubled down on my personal brand when I realized how unstable my business was after the great resignation.

I knew I wasn't interested in burning down my MLM -- but I knew I couldn't just depend on it alone, either.

I wanted to provide value for my people and trust that they would want more than what I had to offer.

Because of that decision and dedication to staying the course, in 2023 I had lots of clients, and abundant affiliate income (without ever having to burn down my MLM -- in fact I get more sign-ups per month today than I ever did when I first started), and was able to expand my website/blog so it can generate revenue on Pinterest.

I'm not super comfortable airing my income for obvious reasons, but I earned a modest full-time teacher income from my MLM—and in 2023, we will 10x that with coaching and affiliates because of my personal branding techniques and strategies.

Strategies that are laced in peace that allow you to enjoy trends rather than be pummeled in despair by them.

There are so many people with a large following who are obsessed with copywriting in order that you'll click on their coaching - but if you have been following me for years, you know I'm no "overnight success."

Just unsexy sustainable work to serve an audience I love.

Get rich over time with diligence and reputation. Not steam roll people for a quick buck.

  • Sourdough starter
  • Coaching packages
  • Mastermind classes
  • Essential oils
  • Supplements
  • Make up

From my phone, I’ve sold: 

  • Baby gear
  • Courses
  • Amazon store
  • Shopify
  • Monthly membership (~400 subscribers on IG)
So what are you building? 

Are you ready to get the playbook to getting rich over time with sustainable, permission-based strategies?
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“You helped me to gain my confidence.”

“Oh my word woman... first of all it took me weeks to get the nerve to raise my hand, but over the weeks you helped me gain the confidence. Going back to listen to all the earlier calls are amazing!!!! So many nuggets! Little things that helped to put all the puzzle pieces into place and bring it all into focus! I love knowing I am not alone in my struggles. I have finally begun to step out of my comfort zone... because I have realized it is very UNcomfortable place to live!!!! I have learned to stop making it all so impossibly difficult and complicated and just be ME!!!! Looking forward to watching all the planted seeds begin the growth process!!!!! Thanks LB!!!!

“I’m constantly learning new ways to serve momma’s.”

“I listen to the recorded meetings as I clean 🏠! I feel like I’m constantly learning new ways to serve momma’s and grow my business from a place that makes me feel fulfilled ❤️
 I find myself agreeing and relating to almost every person that comes to get coached and that’s a win!”

“It has made me start running my business again.”

“It has made me start running my business again. I’ve had so much discouragement lately with some of the leaders who have left for other companies that it made me become paralyzed not knowing what to do next. Strategy calls are encouraging, understanding, and motivating. I LOVE listening to them and it makes the ideas start flowing again. Thankful for this space to learn, share, and grow. ❤️”

“It makes it so simple to be authentic.”

“PERMISSION. BASED. MARKETING. Gosh. I listened to the 6/8 strategy call this morning and it has totally changed how i’m showing up today. My copy. My conversations (I feel more at peace initiating them!). Thank you Leslie, for talking about this. 👏🏻 It drops with kindness and makes it so simple to be authentic. 🌻”