How To Strip Laundry and Why You Should

Home Remedies


1 cup baking soda

1 bottle hydrogen peroxide

1 cap fragrance free laundry soap

1 tablespoon epsom salt

3 caps thieves household cleaner (use code SHAREYL to get 10% off)

10 drops lemon essential oil* (use code SHAREYL to get 10% off)

10 drop digize essential oil* (use code SHAREYL to get 10% off)

* optional

Fill your tub with the hottest water you have, add ingredients and submerge clothes for 12-18 hours stirring with the end of a broomstick 1-2 times to loosen stains/unwanted detergent build up. 

Ring out and transport to laundry room, wash and dry as usual.



Like many other moms, I am interested in saving money on clothes for my children, knowing they are growing so fast and they collect stains from play time.

Second hand stores are great for picking out new pieces that were lightly worn or never worn – but the problem I have with the clothes is the way they are processed in the thrift stores – they are washed on site in detergents strong in fragrance OR they are sprayed with a disinfectant solution before they are hung on hangers for us to purchase.

I have a child who cannot come into contact with detergents and sprays like this, otherwise she will break out in hives and trigger eczema outbreaks.

Which ends up costing her physically, emotionally and mentally. And it costs me the same PLUS dollars.

I need the clothes to be much more mild, but I want the perks of buying barely used clothes second hand.

This recipe cleans clothes deeper, removes detergent build up, and removes strong odors made from unnatural fragrances.


BAKING SODA: This is a fast acting product that is known for deodorizing AND deep cleaning surfaces all around the house. It has cleaning power even on clothing!

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE: I am a huge fan of hydrogen peroxide for general health and wellness (click here to see the many health benefits), but its power in clothing is unmatched. If you have any clothes with blood stains, or hard stains in general – it will lift them! I’ve seen stubborn stains disappear with peroxide and it’s so so cheap. I grab a bottle each time I go to any local store that has a pharmacy section, because I don’t like to be without it!

FREE & CLEAR LAUNDRY DETERGENT: Added washing power for clothes as they are releasing the build up. I do this as a pre-wash solution, so when I put them in the washing machine later, I get a deeper clean. I have used many brands of free and clear soaps – so don’t get hung up on which one to use. If you’re already conscious about what laundry soap you use because you have skin sensitivities, then what you have on hand will do!

THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER: This concentrate is the holy grail of all cleaners. I’ve been using it for 8 years on all kinds of clothes and fabric surfaces around my home because of its stain removing power. Carpet, furniture, clothing….Stains don’t stand a chance with this stuff – AND IT IS NOT HARSH. In fact, when my toddlers get ahold of this, I never worry about it coming in contact with their skin or if they lick it. (Guys. Why do kids put everything in their mouth.) I use more in this laundry stripping recipe than I do when making my regular cleaner, but man is it worth it. Every mom needs to throw away all the cleaners under the sink and just have this one. Ultimate easy button.

EPSOM SALT: Hi, my name is LB and I have been downy free for 8 years. (“Hi, LB.) Here’s the thing – I love buttery soft clothes. I don’t love the slime and harmful fragrance. Epsom salt makes the water soft and the clothes soft, without slime and smell. You can certainly add this ingredient to your normal wash routine if you do not have a front loader machine. 1 table spoon added to a hot or warm cycle will do the trick. I do have a front loader – so I am adding it to the laundry stripping for softening benefits here.

LEMON AND DIGIZE ESSENTIAL OILS: These powerful plant juices are known for dissolving pesticides and herbicides from foods (which can give us skin issues!) which means they can do the same powerful work on strong detergents stuck to the clothes. Digize is a powerhouse product for digestion, but here in the laundry stripping session, its going to remove the smell. Strange, maybe, but I will never be without these products because they work so good. If you have never seen what lemon oil can do to a styrofoam cup, or an inflated balloon – then put this on your homeschool activity list. LOL. The kids will love it.

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