Break up with worry

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motherhood again

Is worry sapping the joy right out of motherhood?

You know the culprits: Fear. Self-doubt. Worry that feels under control, until it’s not. 
Before you know it, you’re paralyzed by the mom-stress spiral of doom. 
Mama, you were made for more.

Become the mom God made you to be

Learn the framework I use to find lasting peace:

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Reframe Your Challenges

Learn to take your anxious thoughts captive

Reclaim Your Confidence

Discover your potential and feel more empowered

Thrive in Motherhood

Become the mom the Lord designed you to be

Experience peace in all aspects of mom life


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I’m Leslie. 
You can call me 

Mama LB.

Take a deep breath. You’re doing GREAT. 

I know how it feels to let worry consume you. My life is a classic redemption story: I was a Marlboro Lite-smoking Adderall abuser when Jesus turned my life upside down. Now, I’m a mother of 7 beautiful children. My marriage has been to hell and back. And with small, intentional choices over the years, I feel better at 40 than 28. I’m a certified cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner. I experience true peace, and I want to help you experience it too.

Want the Full (Crazy) Story?

3 simple steps to lasting peace

Become the calm, confident mom you were designed to be


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Break up with worry for good

End the cycle holding you back from becoming the mom you’re destined to be.


Mama, this is your permission to choose a different path.

Worry may be all you’ve ever known. Maybe you were raised on it yourself. This is your permission to break the cycle for good. I’ve been there: Worry ran in my family until it ran into me. When you learn to surrender your anxieties and hold your thoughts captive, you can chart a different path for your family. Let’s get started.

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What other moms are saying about Peace on Purpose…

“You found the right podcast!”

You will not be disappointed with LB’s podcast. She causes you to really seek your inner self to find your authentic self. Gives you such simple and practical wisdom on many topics. Most importantly she shines the light of the Jesus. Thank you LB I’m thankful I found the right podcast.


"Just What I Needed"

"Thank you Leslie for taking that first step and creating this podcast! I so deeply desire God's peace and I feel it every time I listen to your podcast. Your blog posts, IG content and now podcast have truly changed my life.
I'm so thankful for you!"

– Jrod8888

"Wonderful Podcast!"

"LB has truly reminded me of the hope that we have today in Jesus! | have found such encouragement listening to the Peace On Purpose podcast and have already recommended it to so many people. I appreciate so deeply when people articulate well what they believe and why they believe it. LB does that with her faith and her life. Plus she has such a soothing/ uplifting voice. Truly a joy to listen to."

– It's me Dana D.

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Baby number 8 is on the way – and I have full intentions to leverage nesting to renovate my bathroom.

A detox bath with natural ingredients is my go to for many ailments!

But I believe freedom is available in every aspect of your life. When you learn how to take good care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally, you’ll experience peace that spreads to every area you’re worried about.

I know because I’ve been there. I come from a family of worriers, but I wanted to chart a different path. Even I’m surprised with where I am today – I crack myself up taking beef organ supplements and essential oils. My life has truly transformed from the inside out.

I’ve created all of this content to help you do the same. It’s time to end the cycle of worry making you sick and holding you back. It’s time to step into the light, reframe your challenges and feel empowered so you can become the mom the Lord designed you to be.

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