I’m Leslie. 
You can call me 

Mama LB.

Desperate for peace within your chaotic life? Pull up a chair. 

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My story’s a bit crazy…

You can unpack here, because trust me: I’ve been there.

Growing up lost

Growing up, I used to influence people for bad. If I did drugs, I convinced others to do them too. I let men use me in order to feel valued. I was a serial worrier. I couldn’t live without Marlboro Lites, Diet Mountain Dew and Adderall. I was L-O-S-T. My life hit a breaking point. When Jesus found me in the mess and pulled me out, I never looked back.

Discovering my calling 

After my life took a radical turn, I wanted to start influencing for good. I didn’t grow up in the pews, but I noticed a disconnect between women raised in church and experiencing a real, vibrant faith. They needed a safe, authentic space to process both life’s spiritual and taboo topics — many of which I’d already been through. 

In 2015, I took to social media to share my own journey of discovering Jesus’ peace. I’d help other moms work through their faith obstacles on Facebook Live all while folding my laundry. Something amazing happened: I watched as women’s lives began to change as they grew in their relationship with the Lord.

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The Podcast

This led to the creation of my podcast, Peace on Purpose, where I help moms break up with worry for good. I connect almost daily with a thriving community of 235k+ moms on Instagram, and I absolutely love helping them discover the power of peace in their daily lives.

Finding calm in life’s storms 

Following Jesus didn’t make my life perfect: far from it. My marriage has survived infidelity and come out stronger. I’ve lost a baby through miscarriage. I’ve suffered from eczema so severe that I was embarrassed to leave the house. I know rejection, isolation, heartbreak, and the utter exhaustion (and joy) of caring for 7 children.

These trials taught me that while we all must walk through life’s lowest valleys, we don’t have to stay there. I’ve learned to hold my thoughts captive and embody peace in life’s biggest storms. I started treating my body like the temple it is, and I look and feel better than ever. Beef organs and essential oils are my new best friends.

Now what?

I became so committed to helping other moms discover the secret of peace that I became certified in cognitive behavioral therapy. I’ve now helped thousands of moms become a vibrant, worry-free version of themselves. When we learn to uncover our true fears, discover God’s power and reframe our challenges, we become unstoppable. 

Are you ready to discover lasting peace? Let’s go. 

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The 7 Values of Peace 
on Purpose 

Just so we’re all on the same page… 


Worry is Optional 

Because we’re human, we’re going to worry sometimes. But we can refuse to unpack our bags and stay there. When we allow our brains to hijack our emotions, we forfeit our power. Instead, we can focus on what we can control: the solutions. We can make better choices from a place of peace instead of a state of panic.


There’s Always a Way Forward

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by life’s twists and turns. Our minds can trick us into feeling hopeless and paralyzed. It’s in these moments that we must remember: we are resilient and tenacious, and we believe there’s always a way forward. We just need to uncover it and move forward one small step at a time.


People Over Plastic

As the Minimalists say, “Love people, use things. Because the opposite never works.” We believe in people over money and stuff — always. While our businesses and physical assets can deteriorate, people and relationships are here to stay. I value my audience more than any quick buck, and I’d never partner with anyone who doesn’t align with my identity.


When We Don’t Know the How, We Can Find the Who

We might not be the right person for a job, but that doesn't mean that someone else isn't. Somewhere out there, there is a perfect fit for the role, and it's our job to find them. We believe that if we don't know where to start, we can always ask for help and tap into the plentiful resources available to us.


The Lord Always Goes Before Us

Even when we feel like we’re in control, our Heavenly Father is guiding our steps. It’s easy to think we’re the architects of our destiny, and while we can have dreams and visions, we always leave room for mystery. As believers, we are bowling with bumpers — we’re not alone on our journey. We’re being guided and cared for.


I Work with Brands that Help Humans

I only partner with companies and promote products that help people. I prioritize natural and sustainable products when I can. I want to find the best solutions for my followers, even if they're not always the most conventional. I only sell products that I believe in and use myself.


It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

The power to change your mind is one of God's greatest gifts. It allows us to grow, learn, and evolve. Close-mindedness hampers connection — being open to new ideas and perspectives cultivates relationship instead of division. It is a gift that allows us to build bridges, resolve conflict, and create a more just and compassionate world.

What moms are saying about Peace on Purpose…

“You found the right podcast!”

You will not be disappointed with LB’s podcast. She causes you to really seek your inner self to find your authentic self. Gives you such simple and practical wisdom on many topics. Most importantly she shines the light of the Jesus. Thank you LB I’m thankful I found the right podcast.


"Just What I Needed"

"Thank you Leslie for taking that first step and creating this podcast! I so deeply desire God's peace and I feel it every time I listen to your podcast. Your blog posts, IG content and now podcast have truly changed my life.
I'm so thankful for you!"

– Jrod8888

"Wonderful Podcast!"

"LB has truly reminded me of the hope that we have today in Jesus! | have found such encouragement listening to the Peace On Purpose podcast and have already recommended it to so many people. I appreciate so deeply when people articulate well what they believe and why they believe it. LB does that with her faith and her life. Plus she has such a soothing/ uplifting voice. Truly a joy to listen to."

– It's me Dana D.

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